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“I have been in law enforcement for many years teaching the power of influence and leadership. This book is refreshing and encouraging for every person who has been called to a level of servanthood in the 21st century. This book is priceless.” — Special Agent in Charge, Trebor Randle, Georgia Bureau of Investigation.“This book is heartfelt and gets to the core of why law enforcement exists. Ethical behavior is the highest priority in law enforcement. I would encourage top leadership to take a good look at this book. It is rewarding to the reader.” — Dr. Cedric L. Alexander, Deputy Mayor of Rochester, New York.“This is a book worth reading. It makes leadership easy. It takes us back to the reason that we wear badges: to protect and serve — with integrity and character.” — Lieutenant Anita Fraser, DeKalb County Police, Assistant Academy Director, Training Division.With over 27 years in law enforcement, including nine years investigating corruption in internal affairs, what Dr. R. Benjamin Gaither has to say is worth listening to. In today’s society where law enforcement officers often find themselves in a web of controversy with the public — the very people they’re charged with protecting — Dr. Ben’s extensive knowledge is desperately needed. He addresses the question everyone’s asking: “How do we make law enforcement work?” The results of his detailed research, together with his experience, is presented in “Law Enforcement That Works – Ethical Behavior Matters.” Every law enfo...
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