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robert m blackwood lines of red blue the battles of the british army against the armies of napoleonic france 1801 15 купить по лучшей цене

The French at British Armies in battle during the Napoleonic AgeThe French revolution, which broke out during the later 18th century, set the nation on a course of conflict which would set Europe and parts of the wider world ablaze for almost thirty years. Revolutionary and Consulate armies would, in time, become those of the First Empire of the French under the command of the incomparable military genius of Napoleon Bonaparte. Inevitably Britain would join the fray and the dominance of the Royal Navy in securing the seaways would ensure that the soldiers dressed in red would become implacable enemies of those who marched in blue under the tricolour. Among the British, almost incredibly, another great soldier emerged who had the presence and skill to turn back the blue tide. The Duke of Wellington was the finest commander his nation had produced since Marlborough and one who would become Napoleon’s nemesis. This unique Leonaur edition describes twenty-five renowned battles of the period in detail—principally fought between British and French forces—the first describes the Battle of Alexandria in 1801, and the last, of course, the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, and is enhanced by the inclusion of battlefield maps and attractive black and white illustrations. The Battle of Assaye, 1803, has been included by virtue of its importance to Wellington’s career, and the capture of the Cape of Good Hope, 1806, is also included for interest and context.Leonaur editions are newly typeset an...
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