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Havana homes Interiors in the Caribbean capital city Celebrating the relics of Cuba's revolutionary glory days, this book explores everything from the kinds of interiors seen in Buena Vista Social Club to top-notch luxury hotels and cultural heritage sites. Via a diverse selection of Havana homes, hotels, gathering places, and more, Inside Havana takes you deep into the heart of the city. Highlights include: traditional time-worn homes bearing the patina of generations of habitation Modernist houses-including one by Richard Neutra-and artists' homes Cuba's best eclectic 20th century mansions Partagas cigar factory, one of Havana's oldest and finest the baroque building Palacio de los Capitanes Generales the spectacular and futuristic Mario Girona-designed ice cream haven that is Havana's most popular hangout the bars Ernest Hemingway frequented, the hotel where he stayed between 1932 and 1939, and the estate near Havana he purchased in 1940, where he wrote The Old Man and the Sea Mafia casino hotels

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