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"IELTS Listening Practice Tests: IELTS Self-Study Exam Preparation Book for IELTS for Academic Purposes and General Training Modules" by IELTS Success Associates contains three complete IELTS practice listening tests.Each practice listening test in this book has four sections, just like the actual IELTS exam, so there are 12 listening passages for you to try.The practice exams have questions of all of the types that you will see on the real IELTS listening test, so the book has multiple choice questions, form and diagram completion, matching questions, short answers and sentence completion questions.The tips at the beginning of the book explain the format of the IELTS listening test and tell you what to expect on your exam day.Practice Listening Test 1 in the publication is in tutorial mode, so it includes tips and suggestions at the beginning of each section to give you strategies to help you answer all of the types of questions on the listening tests.There is a complete answer key with in-depth explanations for each answer, so that you can understand why each answer is the correct one. The explanations give you additional tips to help you improve your test-taking technique.The book also includes the complete scripts for each of the listening tests, which you should read after completing each of the practice tests, to help improve your knowledge of the vocabulary and idioms included on the IELTS exam.For the recordings that accompany this book, you should purchase th...
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