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Donkeys are extremely valuable animals in Pakistan because they are increasingly used in transportation of goods, cultivation of lands and are one of the cheapest sources of labour. Donkeys are extremely important as their use is much more in transportation and labour as compared to horses. Donkeys have a major socio-economic importance in many areas. Despite the advancement in mechanization, donkeys are still the "beasts of burden". Under smallholder farming system, donkeys are the most precious, suitable and economical animals, because they can be used in areas with coarse topography and underdeveloped roads. Strongylosis is one of the most important diseases of equines. Diarrhoea, anorexia, weight loss and marked anaemia are the clinical signs in infected animals resulting in huge mortality. The mixed strongyle infections are common in donkeys with clinical signs including anaemia, diarrhea and unthriftness.

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