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"A useful, well-researched monograph ... [that connects] the policy of Americanization that Marshall Planners overtly laid out in the late 1940s to its actual implementation as a form of cultural power. This is an aspect of the Marshall Plan experience that is often completely absent from the earlier cold-war focused scholarship." · H-France"This study opens up fascinating terrain for further critical evaluation in France and Western Europe." · International Studies Review"An intriguing analysis of the postwar Marshall Plan as a form of public diplomacy to win the hearts and minds of the recalcitrant French. It is a timely study given the current calls for a revival of the Marshall Plan as part of American global strategy? Rich and convincing evidence of the bureaucratic turf battles, the haggling between European recovery agencies, the naive propaganda experiments...There is much to learn from this book about what happens when foreign policy distorts into a vision of American national culture as a transformative model for the rest of the world." · American Historical ReviewPublic diplomacy, neglected following the end of the Cold War, is once again a central tool of American foreign policy. This book, examining as it does the Marshall Plan as the form of public diplomacy of the United States in France after World War Two, offers a timely historical case study. Current debates about globalization and a possible revival of the Marshall Plan resemble the...
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