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The awakening begins in an ascending consciousness with an unspecified dissatisfaction regarding the established rules and assumptions. You cannot identify the irritation, but it feels as if there should be something more. Because of this, you begin to look for answers outside of the normal channels and your awakening commences. The messages for awakening are as diverse as their sources because they are designed to reach different levels of consciousnessyet the truth is always the truth, though the form it takes may vary.Expansion for Ascending Consciousness is a cooperative effort to provide a basis for understanding consciousness and the energy construct we exist within. The intent is to remove the mysticism surrounding consciousness and embodied experience. While complex and miraculous in its design, consciousness is scientifically explainable and the foundation upon which the universe has been created. As an ascending collective, you have reached a time in your development where mysticism has outlived its usefulness.Truth comes in many forms, and thus the information you gravitate to at any given moment is dependent upon what resonates with your current level of awakening. At a point in this process you will look back upon the information you have accumulated and see that each one was a step that incrementally raised your awareness. Expansion for Ascending Consciousness contains the next step along this path of ascension.
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