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What makes a Million Dollar Host? Ask Julie George. In 2016, curiosity led her to list her first property on the trending Airbnb site. In no time at all, it became apparent that there was more than just ‘holiday money’ to be made. Far from simply listing properties, Julie George turned a ‘hobby’ into a business. A very profitable one. Move forward a year and Julie’s ‘hobby’ took 1.43million dollars in bookings with her second year looking likely to double that amount. In Million Dollar Host Julie George shows you how you can do the same – even if you don’t own a property to list. Already got a rental? Then maximise your earnings by moving from longterm rentals to Airbnb. At the beginning of 2016, Julie George wrote a list of the goals that she hoped to achieve in the short-term. They consisted of: Establishing an innovative business that could be scaled-up and applied anywhere in the world. Creating a business that worked for her rather than being a slave to it. This meant she could still develop other ideas and ‘have a life’. Developing a business that would change the lives of all involved (employees, contractors, property owners) Starting a company without having to borrow any money Earning money in an industry where payments from customers were straight-forward Generating enough income to afford a private office, a bar fridge and car parking space.Fast forward 18-months and did Julie George achieve these things? Yes, she did. And more!..Like most entrepreneurs, Julie was ...

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