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Judy Kirkpatrick met a woman named Jessica Wilson in the parking lot of their sons’ elementary school in Scottsdale, Arizona. They immediately struck up a friendship. Judy was mesmerized by Jessica’s poise, stunning beauty, and compassion. Jessica was going through a difficult time; her husband was cheating on her, and they were getting a divorce. Since Judy had been through the same experience in her own life, she felt they were “kindred spirits.” They began a friendship, spending more and more time with each other. Since their sons were the same age, they had a lot in common. But as Judy got to know Jessica better, she began to see a more sinister side of her. It happened slowly, over time, but culminated when Jessica killed her ex-husband with a .357 magnum one day when he was picking up their boys for the weekend. Since Jessica’s ex-husband was from a very affluent and prominent family in Scottsdale, the trial for first-degree murder became a nationally known case.Little by little, Judy tried to get Jessica out of her life, but it was virtually impossible; Jessica would not leave Judy alone and basically “stalked” her for years. Because the two women looked so much alike that people thought they were sisters—even twin sisters—Judy was stared at everywhere she went by people who thought she was Jessica! Judy could get no peace. She tried in many ways to help Jessica, even sending her to a therapist, but Jessica had no interest in changing. She was a sociopath. Eventually, ...

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