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Those Practical Proverbs is a verse-by-verse commentary on the book of Proverbs from a pastor's perspective. It begins with an exploration of the authorship of Proverbs-most of which was written by King Solomon, with brief sections by Agur, the son of Jakeh, and the words of King Lemuel (from an oracle, which his mother taught him). It proceeds to an explanation of the structure of Hebrew poetry, a list of some of the topics addressed in the book, and an outline of the book. The opening chapters of Proverbs (1-9) consist of longer "wisdom poems" on a variety of significant subjects. Most chapters of Proverbs consist of single-verse observations concerning many of life's practical concerns (with occasional multiverse entries). The book concludes with the entries of Agur and King Lemuel and, finally, the classic alphabetic acrostic poem regarding the "excellent wife." Because the book focuses largely on the wisdom and understanding, which find their origin in the fear of the Lord, it is among the most life-enriching books ever written. It is extremely important for anyone who longs for practical guidance in the many issues of life.
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