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Empathy: A Guide on Using Your Gift, Overcoming Fears, and Healing Your Inner Empathy and Emotional Intelligence Mastery 2.0.Do you feel what other people feel? Do you find yourself influenced, overwhelmed, and exhausted by the energies around you? As an empath, you need to channel and control your gift.Left unchecked, the gift of empathy can have a devastating effect on your life. As someone who is sensitive to those around you, you must learn to understand, guard, and express your gift in ways that benefit the world. Do this right, and you'll master your own powerful healing energy. In Empathy, I take you on a candid journey through what it means to identify as an empath. By walking this path with me and learning about your gift, you'll discover how to be the best version of yourself possible. No more confused feelings, toxic people, and disharmony in your life! In this guide you'll learn: About the two distinct types of empaths and which you are The science of empathy and why you feel like you do How you were born to heal others and create harmony in specific environments How to protect yourself from negative energy, manipulators, and toxic people The healing exercises that will sharpen and refine your empathy skill How you can best express your gift by discovering your key strengthDiscover how to manage your gift with this insightful guide. Get the guide to be a guide now!You have likely heard of empathy before, but when talking about empaths, things start to ...
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