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A practical guide to public speaking for those just starting out as well as seasoned pros. A useful book covering everything from speech preparation and delivery, protocol for speakers, speaking concerns for authors, how to prepare and excel if you're asked to speak on TV, and lots more. In this book, you will learn: How to research, prepare for, and give the most popular types of speeches, from the keynote address to a 90 minute workshop, all-day seminar, participating in a panel, the toast, roast, and more; 12 secrets of what the most successful speakers do to shine; the mechanics of speaking, including using a microphone, visual aids such as Power Point, and setting up the room; how to deal with 12 of the most dreaded speaker situations, such as getting booed or, forgetting what you meant to say next; how to overcome your fear of speaking; and more. Includes a list of references, resources, an Appendix with sample pre-speaking surveys, and a post-speaking evaluation.
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