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Thieving, swindling, controlling ... that's Irene's stepfather. Her mother showers her little girl with abuse and neglect instead of love, and Irene spends her childhood in utter deprivation and hardship. And for some inexplicable reason her mother will not tell her who her real father is. Will she ever be able to find out for herself?Luckily Irene has a safe haven with her loving auntie and uncle, but when they move away she is left alone to fend for herself in a family where she just doesn't fit in.Irene resolves to leave her horrible family behind, and her determination to escape what life has thrown at her leads her to a dream career as a nurse. Her confidence grows, and her ambition of carving out her own future is boosted by a good nose for a property deal.And might she find happiness in love when she least expects it?

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