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Adam and Eve? Magic trees in the Garden? Was the world created in six days? Is evolution found in the Bible? Are science and the Bible at war with each other? What's it all about? The significance of early Genesis - and how we read its narratives and their relevance for today - is currently generating a lot of questions. Discoveries from various disciplines about ourselves and the wider world are prompting an urgent need for credible methods of interpretation and ways of understanding that can engage in challenging interdisciplinary discussions.Recognizing this need motivated scientist George Diepstra and theologian Gregory Laughery to rethink common assumptions about the nature of Genesis 1-3. What kind of text is this? In a provocative and creative manner, Laughery and Diepstra take both the biblical and scientific informers seriously, arguing for the necessity of a dialogue between them and the worlds they represent. With this innovative, rather than reactionary approach, From Evolution to Eden is dedicated to exploring where this journey might lead us.
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