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Книга "Tradiciones peruanas - Las tradiciones más cortas. entre el refran y el cuento".Ricardo Palma's Tradiciones Peruanas make up one of the most widely read works in the ambit of Spanish language literature. They were produced along almost seven decades, between the 19th and 20th centuries, offering an analytical interpretation of the constructive process of the Peruvian nationality, by one of the most incisively critical writers in Peru at that time. Palma is noted for creating the literary genre, Tradición -a combination of fiction and history that forms a kind of historical anecdote. His works concerning colonial and early republican Peru were published in a series of volumes called Tradiciones Peruanas, containing more than 800 different texts. As a literature resource, the Tradiciones Peruanas allow readers to acquaint themselves with the general feeling of Peruvian history.Ricardo Palma was a writer who searched for inspiration from the ample historic register of his country, written as well as oral. He was born in the heart of a new nation which had only acquired its independence a decade before and which, under the name of the Viceroyalty of New Castille or Perú, had been one of the most important Spanish centers in America. Thanks to his comprehension of the heterogeneous characteristics which defined his society, he forged an image of Peruvian culture, through his «Tradiciones.»His origin (an illegitimate child of a «mestizo,» and a «cuarterona» (Quad...
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