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BECAUSE, I WANT YOU TO KNOW JUST HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU is a simple to follow book of questions you may or may not know the answers to. I didn't know all the answers to my father's life. That is in part, why I wrote this book. Talk to whoever you want this book to be about. Fill in the blanks accordingly. Everyone needs and wants to know the answers.All too often loved ones, friends and family pass without our simple questions being answered. This book will answer some of the many questions we often forget to ask. Don't let that be you! Use this book, make it your own, do it for yourself, for your family and for your loved ones. They''ll thank you for caring and loving them so.Most of all it's for the one who you make this book about. The greatest gift of all is being able to help others say what they are unable to put into words. Those words are all too often forgotten. Let's all use this book. Make it your own so no one will ever forget, your life, thoughts, opinions and wants and wishes. The simple things we all too often forget to ask about. I encourage you to make this book your own, fill in the blanks and give it to someone you love. Or better yet, are you friends with some one who has an ill or elderly friend or family member? Maybe you know a young adult who is going to college. Is someone you know going off to serve our country? Phone, fax or e-mail that person and fill in the blanks. Better yet go visit that person and fill in the blanks. Th...

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