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ÒTucker has masterfully inked a compelling tribute to a womanÓ named Cathy Williams.Prince George's Sentinel, MarylandThe unforgettable true story of Cathy Williams, the first and only female Buffalo Soldier in history, is timeless and important on many levels. Cathy's personal odyssey has provided us with a host of valid life lessons about what it takes to succeed in life then and today Ð perseverance, ingenuity, willpower, and determination.Most importantly, the Cathy Williams story has filled key gaps in the annals of WomenÕs, Buffalo Soldier, Frontier, Military, African American, and ÒOld WestÓ history, while presenting an inspiring example for people, especially young women, in the twenty-first century. What Cathy Williams accomplished in succeeding against the odds has provided us with a notable testament to the triumph of the human spirit. This timely book presents an insightful personal narrative about a remarkable woman who was a true pioneer of the ÒOld WestÓ.

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