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Not just a chemical attraction… Sicilian Husband, Unexpected BabyWhen Emma’s billionaire Sicilian husband found out she was practically infertile, their marriage was over.But, back in England, Emma discovered she was pregnant! As a single mother unable to pay her bills, she had only one option: Vincenzo.A Tainted BeautyMerciless businessman Ciro D’Angelo knows Lily Scott’s vulnerable sweetness and old-fashioned values are what he needs in a wife. But on their wedding night Ciro realises that Lily isn’t the pure bride he expected. Is their marriage over before it’s begun?Marriage Scandal, Showbiz Baby!The world’s most glamorous couple, Jennifer Warren and Matteo D’Arezzo, are at their latest premiere – despite having just split up! Watching their steamy movie together sparks unstoppable passion with life-changing consequences.
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