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About The Book "WHY ME" is an extended application from the author's first book titled "TRUTH AT LAST" (Why Black Folks Were Punished And Placed In America For 400 Years)..The purpose of "WHY ME", is to make you aware of a 'power' that resides within you, and how this power governs everything that you do.. Because you are responsible for everything that you do. 'WHY ME" will introduce you to the definite consequence and judgement to every 'act' that you perform. You will learn and see why things happen to you, and learn what to do about it if you don't like it.'WHY ME" will also show you how this consequence and judgement determines your fate and destiny on a daily basis..'WHY ME" will show you how everything in the universe works, and how everything in the universe is governed by basic, unalterable laws.. You will learn how these laws are connected directly to your 'human behavior', and how they render proper judgment on every transaction that you make..'WHY ME" will help you understand the natural universal laws, and show you how to apply them to your personal life so that you may grow and become a better person.THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS 'L U C K'...O N L Y 'L A W' and law is the cause of it all.'WHY ME' makes no claim to anyone's religion or philosophy.. nor will it solve your problems.it will however, identify the nature and the cause of your problem so that...

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